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Week of July 17, 2017

Where can I find the state holiday schedule for fiscal year 2018?

The complete list of state employee holidays can be found on the Texas State Auditor's Office website. In fiscal year 2018, agencies will be closed 10 holidays, and there are four skeleton crew days on the calendar.

When we transfer to HHSC, will the workweek for state supported living centers and state hospitals remain the same?

The workweek for state supported living centers and state hospitals will remain Sunday through Saturday.

I heard a rumor that all comp time earned at DADS will be lost once we transfer to HHSC. Is that true?

All leave balances will be transferred for employees moving to HHSC Sept. 1. Compensatory time usually does not move with employees who transfer from one agency to another, but because these transfers are based on legislative direction, there is an exception to the general rule.

For more information, see the Employee Transfers section of Chapter 3 in the Human Resources Manual.

How much notice should I give my supervisor to let them know I am retiring?

HHS policy does not dictate how much notice to give your supervisor before retiring. However, HHS policy asks employees, when possible, to give at least two weeks written notice to their supervisors before resigning. For more information, see the Resignations section of Chapter 3 in the Human Resources Manual. 

To start the retirement process, call ERS no more than 90 days before your expected retirement date, which is always the last day of the month. For more information, see ERS's Planning Your Retirement Booklet or the Apply for Retirement section of the ERS website. For questions, call 877-275-4377.

If I witness sexual harassment in the workplace, can I report it anonymously?

According to Chapter 16 of the Human Resources Manual, employees should immediately report the alleged behavior to appropriate management or the Civil Rights Office. You can submit information anonymously, but by doing so, you may restrict information that is needed to address the issue. Confidentiality will be maintained to the extent reasonably possible. Retaliation against those filing complaints about harassment or who provide information relevant to such complaints is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.

For questions or concerns about HHS harassment policy, contact Civil Rights at 888-388-6332 or email HHSCivilRightsOffice@hhsc.state.tx.us.

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