Texas Health and Human Services

HUB Program Helps Turn the Texas Economic Wheel

September 11, 2017
HHS HUB ProgramHHS’s Historically Underutilized Business Opportunities Program helps companies owned by Texans from underrepresented populations do business with the state. Pictured from left to right are HUB Coordinator Michael Herman, HUB Operations Manager Sherice Williams, HUB Reporting Analyst Marticia Lee, HUB Coordinator Cheryl Bradley, HUB Operations Assistant Manager Stella Roland and Associate Commissioner for Procurement and Contracting Services Contract Administration Heather Shiels.

All Texas state agencies with biennial budgets of more than $10 million must administer a Historically Underutilized Businesses program. If you make purchasing decisions, the HHS HUB Opportunities Program can help you find vendors that are HUB certified.

“HHS programs are key to meeting the system’s HUB goals,” said Sherice Williams, HUB program manager. “Contact us before submitting a requisition. We can point you in the right direction.”

HUB certified businesses are majority owned and managed by someone who is a U.S. citizen and Texas resident. Business owners must be of black, Hispanic, Asian Pacific or Native American descent. Women and service-disabled veterans are also eligible for certification.

The program cultivates relationships with businesses and works with state agencies and chambers of commerce to increase awareness of HUB opportunities. HHS asks contractors to identify and report money spent on HUB subcontractors and material suppliers for bids of more than $100,000. It’s a good-faith effort to involve HUBs in the procurement process and ensure they receive a share of state business. 

The HUB program administers a HUB Mentor Protégé Program that develops relationships between HUBs and larger contractors who provide them with professional guidance and support. The mentor-protégé relationship is beneficial to both parties because mentors can use their protégés to fulfill HUB subcontracting requirements when bidding on state contracts.

HUBs must qualify as small businesses according to the Texas Administrative Code, and their principal place of business must be in Texas.

HHS purchasers can search for HUB vendors using the Centralized Master Bidders List on the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts website.

In fiscal year 2016, HHS agencies spent more than $271 million in direct and indirect purchases with HUBs on goods and services including construction. 

If you have questions about the HUB Opportunities Program or would like to attend a training session, email HHSCHUB@hhsc.state.tx.us or call Sherice Williams at 512-406-2542.