Texas Health and Human Services

New Date for Annual-to-Sick Leave Conversion

July 17, 2017

If you have more annual leave than you’re allowed to carry, the excess will convert to sick leave Sept. 1 for all HHS agencies, including DFPS.

In the past, the transfer happened in October to allow people to make changes after Sept. 1 to leave they've taken. It also ensured employees retiring or leaving were paid for their accrued leave once they were off the payroll for 30 days.

CAPPS will now convert the leave over the Labor Day weekend, allowing employees to immediately see how many hours were converted. Converted annual leave hours will also be automatically recalculated if employees make retroactive changes.

"This is a big change in the way we process this, but most employees shouldn't notice a difference," said Mickey Gregory, director of Time Labor and Leave Services. "I'm proud of our team. They executed this project so smoothly."

To see if any of your hours will convert to sick leave, request a monthly time report by logging into CAPPS and taking the following steps:

  • Click on "Employee Self Service."
  • Select "My Time and Leave."
  • Click on "Employee Monthly Time Report" and a report will be emailed to you within minutes. 

See Chapter 5 of the Human Resources Manual for the number of annual leave hours you may carry forward into the next fiscal year based on your years of service.

If you have questions, contact the HHS Service Center at 888-894-4747.